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They Like You For Your Personality

Photo Credit: – EJ Dickson If you were to use one word to describe the personality of your brand, what would it be? Once you come up with the perfect fit, consider it from the view of your audience. Would they categorize your brand under the same or a similar trait? Striving to portray a specific personality

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Don’t Become Invisible By Becoming Sustainable

Photo Credit: – Atul Kimar Pandey Along with the demand of sustainable and natural products that has gained traction over the past few years, there seems to be an appearance that brands presume consumers want to see from them. You could say this look gives the product an eco friendly appearance. It is along

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Branding At The Heart Strings

What do your customers or consumers feel when they encounter your product or a marketing campaign about your brand? Is it the feeling you were hoping they would experience? Maybe it is a feeling of excitement or relief that they have found something that does exactly what they wanted or needed. What if they felt

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Concerns With Sustainable Packaging

With so many new initiatives surfacing regarding switching from plastic to sustainable (paper) packaging, there are many questions and concerns arising as well. It is always difficult to make significant changes to our brand image, and it is even more challenging when it hasn’t been tested much in the market. With that said, limited options

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A Lesson In Retail Branding

Photo Credit: – Nick Flambard A customer shared a story with me a while back and it has stuck with me ever since. We were looking at some new labels that we had recently produced for them, and I asked why they decided to change their artwork and come out with this new look.

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